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Welcome to 3ina. The independent ethical beauty brand, paraben and cruelty free.


Championing freedom of self expression with it's highly pigmented and long lasting formulas all made in Europe; an attitude anchored to real honest beauty with its genderless makeup and never airbrush looks; to inclusivity as opposed to an aesthetic.


3ina is a movement for body positive vs negative insecurities. A community for peer to peer support, never peer pressure.


Welcome to the democratisation of luxury beauty. Welcome to Mina. Adore Beauty is an official stockist of 3INA, with free Australian shipping and free samples available.

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3INA The Fixing Spray3INA The Fixing Spray
3INA The Fixing Spray

Does the job.

I have not used a fixing spray before so have nothing to compare but this spray goes on very wet so you have to wait for it to dry, however when it does dry it does fix the makeup. It is good that you can use it during application of your makeup as you can fix the foundation before applying blush, once it is dry enough. Possibly a bottle with a finer spray nozzle would solve the problem.
3INA The Automatic Eye Pencil3INA The Automatic Eye Pencil
3INA The Automatic Eye Pencil

Would recommend

I recently bought this product in black, and i am in love. Its so dark and stays on longer than any other product. Its very soft and glides easily along making a quick and amazing application.
3INA The Lip Gloss3INA The Lip Gloss
3INA The Lip Gloss


The long wear is great and when paired with the long lasting mat lipstick as a base it lasts even longer. Very soft and even coverage. I generally have a problem with lipgloss wearing out too quickly in the middle and staining the outter edges of my lips. I didn't have this issue at all or any staining for that matter. I also got a lot of compliments on it which was nice. I don't usually get compliments for gloss so it was just a pleasant bonus.