Trending: Rozalia Russian’s Beauty Must-Haves

With 210K Instagram followers, an enviable wardrobe, and two little ones in toe, I was interested to find out what Rozalia Russian’s beauty routine consisted of – how does the Melbourne-based socialite and influencer manage to maintain flawless, glowing skin even after just having her second baby? Low and behold, Rozalia shared her current routine […]

3 Calming Products To Help You De-Stress

What makes these products calming, you ask? ‘De-stressing’ products are usually infused with essential oils and soothing fragrances like Lavender or Rose that engulf our sense of smell to bring us into a more relaxed state. Think of it as an aromatherapy treatment in your very own bathroom. We tend to neglect our skin in the winter […]

A World First For Lips Is Here, Find Out What It Is…

Question: Do you carry around a lip liner and lipstick in your handbag? If your answer is yes, continue reading… I somehow always manage to lose my lip pencils one way or another, so needless to say, I was pretty excited that Benefit’s latest 2-in-1 lip product was about to come to my rescue.   […]

How Do The Experts Prep Their Skin Before Makeup?

Prepping your skin before applying makeup can be the deciding factor in how the finish of your foundation turns out. Every makeup artist has their own prep technique, so I asked Vanessa (our resident makeup artist) for her expert opinion… Primers are a great tool for preparing the skin for makeup application, but I’ll get […]

What Is Your Signature Voluspa Candle Fragrance?

Voluspa‘s beautiful and iconic candle vessels may be what draws your eye to them, but wait til your senses are awoken by the fragrances! After sampling 12 Voluspa scents from the Japonica collection, I can guarantee every single one of them is just as enticing and unique as the next (depending on your personal fragrance preferences, of […]

Why you need to try this mask cocktail!

Have you heard of multi-masking yet? Using a single face mask is now a thing of the past. Cocktailing your masks together to cater for your skin’s different concerns is the latest trend. But how do you know which masks you should be using where? Combination Skin SkinCeuticals Hydrating B5 Masque + Trilogy Mineral Radiance Mask […]

Gigi Hadid’s Go-To Foundation

From her apartment in Soho, model of the moment, Gigi Hadid gave us all an insight into what’s inside her makeup bag – and most importantly, what her favourite foundation is (because we all want Gigi’s flawless skin, right?) Koh Gen Do Aqua Foundation “It’s a really good foundation, it’s really light on your skin. […]