A World First For Lips Is Here, Find Out What It Is…

Question: Do you carry around a lip liner and lipstick in your handbag? If your answer is yes, continue reading…

I somehow always manage to lose my lip pencils one way or another, so needless to say, I was pretty excited that Benefit’s latest 2-in-1 lip product was about to come to my rescue.


What’s So Good About it?

– It’s a lipstick and lip liner in one!

– Gives you an enviable visibly fuller pout in an instant

– Available in 8 neutral to vibrant shades to suit every skin tone and makeup look

– Has a custom teardrop tip that defines your lip line as a lip liner would

– Enhances the appearance of lip volume and dimension (without needles!)

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What I Think:

I’m really excited by this latest lip innovation, I love that it eliminates the need for a secondary product. I’m a huge fan of lip liners, and I wasn’t sure how this would compare to lining my lips as I normally would, but I was pleasantly surprised.

This lipstick/liner has a semi-matte finish and glides onto the lips effortlessly. I’m obsessed with the shade range too – I love Nude Scandal for an everyday, low-key lip but for a bold statement you can’t go past Fuchsia Fever, Flame Game, or Revved Up Red.

Check out all the shades here

How To Apply:

You want to position the pointed tip (with the darker shade) along the edge of your lip line as you apply (so it acts as a lip liner!)

Remember you’ll need to reposition the lipstick to fill in your lower lip. Again, make sure the pointed tip is pressed against the outer edges of your lip line.

Gently press your lips together to softly blend. Voilà – luscious lips!

The Shades:

Second guessing which shade is right for you? I’ll give you some help choosing…


Very Fair – Fair Skin Tones

I’d recommend shade Flame Game. It’s a rich red-orange shade that looks amazing on fair skin tones, with a simple winged eyeliner.

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Light – Medium Skin Tones

My go-to shade for you would be Nude Scandal. It’s just the perfect everyday lippy, it’s not as much of a statement as the others, but that’s why I like it!

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Medium – Deep Skin Tones

I love this shade – Pink Thrills! It’s quite a vibrant pink, so it looks beautiful on deeper skin tones, as the colour really pops.

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Shop Benefit They’re Real! Double the Lip Here