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Dr. Hauschka are a leading holistic skincare brand using natural ingredients and revolutionary rhythmic methods to create their highly effective and nourishing products. Their unconventional skincare methods may be successful and adored now but they had to get over many hurdles in war-torn Germany to become the brand that they are today.

Viennese chemist Dr. Hauschka began to study rhythm and how it effects the body, looking at changes such as light and dark, warm and cold, movement and calm when extracting medicinal herbs. He discovered that these rhythmic changes enhanced natural preservation of the herbs and he began using these methods to create treatments, soon opening up a laboratory and founding the WALA company.

In 1962, Hauschka contacted cosmetologist Elisabeth Sigmund and they began to work on a range of WALA inspired skincare products. Alongside a team of pharmacists and chemists, they created their first range of products, all created using the rhythmic methods of WALA and using natural ingredients. Their first products were the Rose Day CreamCleansing Cream and Facial Toner - all popular products today.

Dr. Hauschka Skincare is still under the WALA Medicines branch, however has since expanded to include even more skincare products and a makeup range. Rhythmic procedures are still used to produce their extracts and essences, ingredients are stirred and shaken rhythmically and plants in their medicinal plant garden are grown in rhythm with the seasons.

Products are designed with the rhythm of the day in mind. Rich, moisturising products are applied in the day, whilst at night non-oily ingredients are used to allow your body to regenerate undisturbed.

Dr.Hauschka products take on a holistic and environmental approach, with ingredients being grown in organic farms such as the Dr.Hauschka biodynamic medicinal plant garden, and the company using 100% green electricity. The brand believes strongly in fair trade and have long-term relationships with suppliers, and look after their staff with social benefits such as paying nursery fees.

Dr.Hauschka Skincare are more than just a natural and organic beauty brand, their approach to the rhythmic cycles of life and their duties to the environment is paramount and has been since their creation. Their products are kind on the skin and kind on the mind.

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Dr Hauschka FoundationDr Hauschka Foundation
Dr. Hauschka
Dr Hauschka Foundation

Gorgeous foundation

This foundation provides great long lasting even coverage and is kind to sensitive skin. Great foundation the is also great for your skin at the same time. Love it. The lightest colour looks darker online than in real life which is what I was hoping for.

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