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Cloud Nine C9 Wide IronCloud Nine C9 Wide Iron
Cloud Nine
Cloud Nine C9 Wide Iron

Great Product

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ghd gold professional hair stylerghd gold professional hair styler
ghd gold professional hair styler


I loved the way this styler glided through my hair! I also found the time it took to straighten my entire head of curls was significantly shorter than my previous straightener. I'm a huge fan of the super curved edges- Making waves and crimped styles so much easier to achieve!
ghd gold professional hair stylerghd gold professional hair styler
ghd gold professional hair styler

So silky

My hair is fairly straight naturally, it just gets the occasional kink or wave in it, so I still like to straighten the ends. I've had the same ghd styler for about 10 years now, and I'd noticed in the last couple of years it wasn't giving me the same super silky and sleek locks it had before. Then I tried the new gold styler, and I WANT ONE. It's really light and manoeuvrable, and super easy to aslo do curls/waves. It left my hair looking really fresh and shiny. Will definitely be considering purchasing this in the very near future.

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