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Rehab For Your Hair

I initially tried the Maxi Wash at my local salon, and loved the idea of a shampoo that gives your hair the kind of rehab it really needs. The kind you wish you could use to curve your eating addiction.

It wasn't until I purchased, and used it several times as a shampoo, that I ventured onto the Kevin Murphy website to get the most out of my products. What I learned, is that this is a pre-wash wash! My god, I've been using it incorrectly this whole time and wondering why it was leaving my sclap a little less hydrated.

Here's the skinny, completely wet your hair with warm water, and then grab a 20 cent piece size amount of product and rub it in your hands. Then, use the flat of your palms to run it over the top of your hair that runs along the scalp. Massage it softly with your fingers, ensuring you go under the top of the hair onto the scalp.
Grab a hot towel (I create mine by running a hand towel under hot water and ringing it out. Make sure you don't burn yourself!) and then place the hot towel over your head, pressing down softly so the steam can help the product seep through the top of the hair onto the scalp. I usually leave this for a minute or so. You want it to be used as an exfoliant for the scalp to rid it of product build up. Then, a slight massage again, and a rinse. Make sure you rinse it out completely. Follow with your shampoo and conditioner. Game changer.
KEVIN.MURPHY Full.Again Thickening LotionKEVIN.MURPHY Full.Again Thickening Lotion
KEVIN.MURPHY Full.Again Thickening Lotion


I was a little reluctant to purchase this product. Was sick of buying products that didnt work ! But in a nut shell this product is Awesome
The Wet Brush Detangling Paddle Brush - BlackThe Wet Brush Detangling Paddle Brush - Black
The Wet Brush
The Wet Brush Detangling Paddle Brush - Black

Not for curly hair

This brush does a good job at detangling straight / wavy hair types. I have curly hair and find it works better on my sister whose hair is a lot finer and wavy. Although it detangles pretty well, I find that overtime it messes up my hair pattern.
David Mallett Shampoo No.2: Le VolumeDavid Mallett Shampoo No.2: Le Volume
David Mallett
David Mallett Shampoo No.2: Le Volume

Enjoying it

I've been using this shampoo for a few weeks now and I'm really liking it. It smells lovely and you don't need to use much as it foams up really well. I find it is giving my hair some lift and volume, more through the mid-lengths than roots, but still a nice shampoo. I also really like the packaging.

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