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KEVIN.MURPHY Full.Again Thickening LotionKEVIN.MURPHY Full.Again Thickening Lotion
KEVIN.MURPHY Full.Again Thickening Lotion


I was a little reluctant to purchase this product. Was sick of buying products that didnt work ! But in a nut shell this product is Awesome
David Mallett Volume PowderDavid Mallett Volume Powder
David Mallett
David Mallett Volume Powder

perfect , absoutley perfect !

Firstly ,this volume powder ,the size fits into my purse , easy ! and is in this cute little pump spray which I love !
I read heaps of reviews on this product before purchasing as it is a bit pricey but all the reviews were fantastic - and seriously they are all true .. the volume in my limp hair is instantly noticeable and I just give my hair a quick spray at end of day and rub my fingers in and wow ! I have been using it each day for a month and it is goign .. I really do love it !
David Mallett Australian Salt SprayDavid Mallett Australian Salt Spray
David Mallett
David Mallett Australian Salt Spray

Easy to apply spray for amazing beachy waves

I love that this spray doesn't leave my hair feeling gritty or dirty! I like to apply it after washing my hair, then plaiting it over night for the just out of the ocean look.

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