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The 10 Best Hair Wax Products in 2019

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Redken Heat Design 09 Thermal Shaping Blow-Dry Gel
Redken Heat Design 09 Thermal Shaping Blow-Dry Gel

An invisible protective coat for your hair

My hair is long, dark, dry, previously damaged and on its slow journey to recovery. Blow drying and heat stylers are my hair's nemesis and I try to avoid them. However there are times that the hair needs some styling and this product is great on my hair. It puts a shield and I can definitely feel it doing a great job. My hair doesn't feel affected by the heat styling with a thin layer of this ge...
R+Co Continental Glossing Wax
R+Co Continental Glossing Wax

Very good

Keep your hair looking healthier and thick without being too heavy for the fine hair.
evo shebang-a-bang dry spray wax
evo shebang-a-bang dry spray wax

LOVE this product!

I liken this product to a half wax, half hair spray product with just the right amount of hold to give me that slightly 'piece-y, lived in hair' look. It finishes matte and creates texture in my medium-length straight hair without weighting it down or turning it greasy, and is perfect for soft up do's needing that little bit of hold.