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Jao Brand was born of necessity, at the meeting point of skincare science, natural formulations, and retro minimalism. Jao Brand is best-known for their a focus on multi-purpose natural products.


A family business that combined Gale Mayron's vision for a healthy, versatile range of skincare essentials with her father David's background as a developmental chemist, Jao Brand started in 1997 with their revolutionary non-drying, herbal hand sanitiser. From there, Jao Brand slowly expanded to 14 products, with a careful, methodical approach to skincare. Avoiding adding products for the sake of it, Jao has remained true to its origins.


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Jao Brand LipJao Balm Jao Brand LipJao Balm
Jao Brand
Jao Brand LipJao Balm

Great for intense moisture

I have very dry lips so am always on the hunt for great lip balms. The Jao balm is very thick and almost gritty so I found it wasn't great for during the day when I was wearing make up but I did love it for night time. I would apply a layer at night and would wake up with super soft lips. I'm not sure I would repurchase as I have found applying a thick layer of cheaper lip balms almost as effectiv...
Jao Brand Goe OilJao Brand Goe Oil
Jao Brand
Jao Brand Goe Oil

Love it!

Like another reviewer said, a little goes a long way! Because of the price I don’t use it everyday, but when my skin really needs something extra this stuff is amazing! The scent is quite strong but isn’t overpowering, and it melts into your skin. Definitely a new favourite I will be buying more of.
Jao Brand Face CrèmeJao Brand Face Crème
Jao Brand
Jao Brand Face Crème

Better as a hand creme

I see my last review was deleted as it was less than positive - the smell of clary sage is not one I like it turns out and I did not find this as moisturizing as I thought it would be. I prefer Aspect SMC. Anyways an update I am using this product on the top of my hands and its good for that. The smell does not linger and its an excellent hand creme. My skin is very dry and although my sensitive s...