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KEVIN.MURPHY Angel.Wash 250ml

4.7 of 36 reviews


4 instalments of $9.99


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4 instalments of $9.99


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        KEVIN.MURPHY Angel.Wash

        KEVIN.MURPHY Angel.Wash

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        4.7 of 36 reviews

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        I woke up like dis


        I have blonde, thick, and curly hair - which, you would think, doesn't fit the brief for this product. After a recent trip to the salon, my hairdresser swore by this wash and rinse duo, and I must admit I was really sceptical. Now, it's become a staple in my household, as it creates lift in the roots, but doesn't leave any kind of residue or weigh the hair down with product. My locks feel so incredibly soft and hydrated, and the colour is seriously vibrant - a much needed pick me up. It smells amazing - like musk sticks! And as it's concentrated, you don't use as much product, which is a huge plus for thick hair.
        1. I woke up like dis


          I have blonde, thick, and curly hair - which, you would think, doesn't fit the brief for this product. After a recent trip to the salon, my hairdresser swore by this wash and rinse duo, and I must admit I was really sceptical. Now, it's become a staple in my household, as it creates lift in the roots, but doesn't leave any kind of residue or weigh the hair down with product. My locks feel so incredibly soft and hydrated, and the colour is seriously vibrant - a much needed pick me up. It smells amazing - like musk sticks! And as it's concentrated, you don't use as much product, which is a huge plus for thick hair.
        2. An absolute hair lifesaver


          Upon multiple years of distressing my hair through straightening a which left my hair fraying and fragile, this sulfate free shampoo alone left my locks feeling a lot cleaner without stripping the keratin treatment from my hair. A definite favourite- I've already been through 2 bottles. A bonus is it's scent which is unusual, yet divine. I can't recommend it enough!
        3. #1 Hair Care


          I will always reach for this range. Having fine, dry, bleached hair with oily roots means finding a balanced yet nourishing hair care system that will provide softness, movement and healthy feeling/looking hair. This will do it. A little goes a long way. Also, it smells divine.
        4. "HOLY GRAIL"


          I recently got my hair done, I had really really dark hair, now it's a really light brown/darkish blonde. And they use this brand at the salon I go to, so I thought I'd buy this and the Angel Rinse, to try it out, and...... OMG it makes my hair feel so so clean, it's reduced my frizz and makes my hair feel so light. This smells so so good, and I hope that it makes my hair colour last untill my next session. My hair is SOFT!!!!! I was a bit hesitant by the price but it's 100% worth it... My hairs never felt this good. Love it!
        5. "The Holy Grail"


          This shampoo is amazing- it leaves my hair so soft and smells like those "Musk Sticks".Will be purchasing the blonde edition!
        6. The Best Shampoo I have used in my entire life!!!

          Nirali (Staff)

          I was going through a rough relationship with my hair lately. I have thick, curly and dehydrated hair all the time, and after getting it permanently starightened, it made my situation even worse.

          I've seen reviews about this shampoo, and people with fine and colour treated hair just raved about it. But it did not give me an urge to try it as I have curly hair. My colleague once gave me travel sized set of both shampoo and conditioner. And I gave it a try. From the first use only it made a huge difference in my hair. I think Angel.Rinse is the best part. I just can't stop touching my hair. Totally wowed by the whole range <3 <3 <3
        7. Oooohh the fragrance


          Received as a sample. Smells divine. Lathers well. Cleans beautifully!
        8. A solid everyday wash


          This shampoo is a staple for daily use. It's effective, gentle and leaves my hair in good condition without drying it out or weighing it down. Paired with the rinse it makes an effective combination.
        9. I love it!


          I underwent a change last year from dark brown to blonde which took it's toll on my hair. I started using Kevin Murphy Angel Wash & Angel Rinse this year and my hair's condition is super soft and thick again. As with other reviews, you do need to wash twice to get the 'clean' feeling. I love this so much I felt compelled to review it. I have also recommended this to friends. Please don't be afraid of the price like I was initially; its worth the money.
        10. Fantastic for fine coulored hair

          Baby Goose

          Brilliant product if you know how to use it properly.
          I have read reviews about non lather and not feeling washed out or clean.
          Can i say like with your face when it has make up on it, hair product needs to be washed out first then a second wash applied so the product can lather and work on your hair and scalp.
          Then apply a 10cent size dollop of rinse (2 pumps on the pump pack) for shoulder length hair.
          My hairdresser and personal friend is a Kevin.Murphy salon and they stress the importance of a double wash.
          I totally agree, my hair feels light and silky, the scent is subtle and musk lolly - ish and the need to wash is reduced to just twice a week. I dont even feel i need my usual ends serum, which reduced the need to wash.
          Highly recommend - if you spend the money to colour your hair then preserve it with the best!
        11. I love this product


          I have very fine thin hair. Most products either dry my hair out or weigh it down. This is the first product I've found that doesn't weigh my hair down, keeps it healthy and manageable and soft, and can be used every day. I have tried other products when I wasn't able to find this one, but am always disappointed. Kevin Murphy Angel wash and Rinse are incredible.
        12. Love it!


          I normally use O&M Conquer Blonde as my blonde shampoo, however purchased this product in the "Blonde is a Big Deal" pack and love it.

          It has a great smell (like musk lollies) and cleanses my hair beautifully and gently. Love it!
        13. Amazing for super fine hair


          I have super super super fine hair that is weighed down by absolutely everything.

          I bought this last October and have only just had to repurchase (5months use).

          This stuff is amazing. Doesn't weigh my hair down but still manages to moisturise it. I'm finding now I'm needing to wash my hair less and it's not as greasy!

          Love love love
        14. Best ever


          I have greying hair, and this shampoo and its matching conditioner make my hair feel soft and glossy, and it smells beautiful. It doesn't dry my hair or make it fluffy - it seems to moisturise it lightly. And it still feels great on the second day (I wash my hair every 2nd day). It seems expensive but is in fact quite concentrated so the bottle lasts a long time. Also I have sensitive skin and scalp and this shampoo and the matching conditioner are very soothing - I get no nasty reactions. Very worth the money! Luxurious and effective.
        15. Happy


          I have been using this shampoo for 5 months and think I probably have another couple months left in containers.. I just love it, the smell is divine. I took it on holiday when I first started using it and every time I open it to shampoo my hair now, I am back in South America.
          I think that 7 months from one container of shampoo and one container of conditioner works out very reasonable. PS I do have short hair.....
          Very happy all round.
        16. Great Shampoo

          Eden M

          I have blonde brittle hair and found this shampoo excellent. I have to use two lathers when my hair is quite oily but it does a great job. Smells divine. Doesn't leave my hair too tangled. Definitely recommend!
        17. Great for fine hair


          My very fine hair responded well to this product. I bought both the shampoo & the conditioner & have found that now I only had to wash my hair every second day rather than daily. Even tho' it is expensive I will have to wash my hair less often & the fact that only a small amount is required means it should last a long time.
        18. Great Product!


          I have been switching between this and Evo Ritual Salvation shampoo and conditioner for a year or two now. Being a hairdresser myself I have used absolutely everything and this is the BEST shampoo I have ever used.

          My hair feels so healthy (highlighted blonde hair, so very dry ends). I get comments about how healthy my hair is all the time and people think that I'm naturally blonde because there's no damage!

          Highly recommend this product, worth the extra $$
        19. Loooooooove this - smells and feels divine


          I have thin, straight, medium length hair which is coloured with bleach foils and tends to get weighed down by most shampoos and conditioners. Not the case with this one - my hair felt light and fluffy after washing and for the first time in a long time was hydrated enough that I blow dried without using any other products (just a bit of hairspray when finished). My hair looked great and the smell was amazing. When I step out of the shower I feel like I have soaked my head in a sweet, musky French perfume. I only tried this based on the popular reviews and I am soooo glad I did!
        20. Nope, not for me


          After being made aware of how great this shampoo smells at my hairdresser...I thought I really have to grab a bottle for home. Unfortunately, whilst it smells absolutely divine...it really does no favors for my hair at all. Having bleached foiled hair, I found this incredibly drying and stripped my hair of any moisture, which is in short supply anyway, even when using once every 3rd day to keep brassiness at bay, it just leaves my hair feeling like straw!! Wouldn't buy again :(
        21. Finally a shampoo that works on my fine, fluffy hair!


          This shampoo is great. I have really fine hair that tends to go fluffy even after drying and smoothing down with straighteners.

          After using Angel Wash (and Angel Rinse conditioner) my hair stayed smooth and much more manageable all day! You only need to use a tiny bit and I didn't do a second rinse even though the product says to.

          Great to have finally found a shampoo that actually works...and I'm 36!

          Also works well with Body Guard.
        22. My fine blonde hair loves this stuff!


          I have very fine hair, an oily scalp and dry ends from dying my hair blonde all the time and Kevin Murphy Angel Wash is the only shampoo I will use on it.
          Most other shampoos will leave my hair feeling stripped and dry or are too nourishing and don't remove all of my oil. This shampoo is the perfect happy medium and always it make my hair feel balanced after using it, which is a must for me juggling an oily scalp and dry ends.
          I love the smell of this too, herbal and natural but not overpowering. It does not linger in my hair either which is fine by me.
        23. Love It!


          After reading all the reviews I thought I would try this product & the Angel Rinse conditioner. Wow! My hair is so clean & bouncy without frizz. Yes, its on the expensive side but you use less than cheaper brands & I found I don't have to shampoo as often. Another thing I noticed is my hair colour lasts so much longer. For all the animal lovers - Kevin Murphy dose not test on animals so another great reason for buying.
        24. Great shampoo


          This shampoo really made the blonde highlights in my hair last far longer than when using regular shampoo. It may be expensive, but a little goes a long way. Highly recommended.
        25. Amazing shampoo!


          The shampoo smells amazing and leaves hair light and smooth. I definitely want to try out Kevin Murphy's Angel Rinse and Thickening Lotion!
        26. Infinitely fantabulous


          The first thing about angel wash, is the scent: it's deliciously intoxicating. Secondly, there are no nasty ingredients, which gives me peace of mind. After the wash, my hair smells great, has body and bounce. I knew this was a great product because my friend uses it and I used it a few times when staying over their place.

          Therefore, having used it, in the first place, inspired me to buy it for myself!

          Definitely will continue to wash my hair with Angel Wash.
        27. Amaaaaaaaaaaaazing scent!


          Wow, this product has such a lovely scent and really works!

          I have fine, natural long blonde hair, but a lot of it and found my hair responded exceptionally well to this shampoo.

          If you get regular comments about how good your hair looks, you know you're onto something good, right?
        28. Love!


          I will never ever use another shampoo again! This and the conditioner are the best I have ever used. I have fine coloured hair and it used to feel like straw and my scalp was always irritated. I never realised the other shampoos I was using where making my hair and scalp feel worse until I used this product and now there are no problems to mention! All the other Kevin Murphy products I have tried have been great, and I would definitely recommend them, especially to those with fine hair. Though they are expensive (compared to having just bought my hair products in the supermarket in the past), the results are worth it and these seem to be the types of products were less is more, so I don't feel like I'm buying them all the time, despite the fact I have long hair.
        29. smells amazing!

          Sarah G (Staff)

          ohhhh firstly, I have to say the smell of this is amazing!! my hair feels clean and thicker instantly, I will never ever use another shampoo!!! Great Job Kevin Murphy!
        30. Doesn''t suit my hair :


          I bought this product after reading a lot of the reviews but unfortunately I am really disappointed with this product, especially considering the price. After using the shampoo my hair feels really dry and has no body at the roots, just sitting flat on my hair while the rest is sticking out in a frizzy mess. Also the colour of my recently highlighted hair is yellow! Maybe I just chose the wrong product for my hair type?
        31. Anonymous

          I adore this and the matching conditioner. The wash is extremely low lathering - be prepared for lack of suds and a not quite squeaky feeling upon rinsing. But have faith - after using conditioner and/or styling products the hair shows no signs of residue or lack of a good wash. This range is excellent for fine hair in need of moisture. Also wonderful for light or cool blondes whose hair can go brassy with heavier products.I have repurchased several times; the Angel range is in my top two favouite hair products.
        32. Anonymous

          I love the smell and the package is so urban and it works really well on long hair and blonde
        33. Anonymous

          I LOVE this shampoo. It smells beautiful and makes my hair feel silky and smooth.
        34. Anonymous

          I've been using this lovely shampoo for a few weeks now and I'm impressed. It lathers well, smells great and leaves my hair feeling clean and light. Love the bottle it comes in too, very different.
        35. Anonymous

          Used Kevin Murphy Angel.Wash for the first time last time and was very impressed! The Smell is freash, and lather is light which doesn't feel as though your hair is being stipped of it's natural oils. Hair was easy to style afterwards and looked full of volume.... a nice change from limp, fine hair! Also used the Angel Rince Conditioner with this product and I was very pleased with the results. Will definately keep on using this product!
        36. Anonymous

          Smells lovely and has a light lather. I did find i had to wash my hair twice to get completly clean hair. The "bottle" it comes in is different - cute!
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