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KEVIN.MURPHY Maxi.Wash 250ml

4.4 of 8 reviews


4 instalments of $9.99


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4 instalments of $9.99


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        KEVIN.MURPHY Maxi.Wash

        KEVIN.MURPHY Maxi.Wash

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        4.4 of 8 reviews

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        deep cleaning shampoo


        This really cleans my hair and is perfect when used with the kevin murphy restore conditioner. My hair is left clean and soft
        1. Rehab For Your Hair


          I initially tried the Maxi Wash at my local salon, and loved the idea of a shampoo that gives your hair the kind of rehab it really needs. The kind you wish you could use to curve your eating addiction.

          It wasn't until I purchased, and used it several times as a shampoo, that I ventured onto the Kevin Murphy website to get the most out of my products. What I learned, is that this is a pre-wash wash! My god, I've been using it incorrectly this whole time and wondering why it was leaving my sclap a little less hydrated.

          Here's the skinny, completely wet your hair with warm water, and then grab a 20 cent piece size amount of product and rub it in your hands. Then, use the flat of your palms to run it over the top of your hair that runs along the scalp. Massage it softly with your fingers, ensuring you go under the top of the hair onto the scalp.
          Grab a hot towel (I create mine by running a hand towel under hot water and ringing it out. Make sure you don't burn yourself!) and then place the hot towel over your head, pressing down softly so the steam can help the product seep through the top of the hair onto the scalp. I usually leave this for a minute or so. You want it to be used as an exfoliant for the scalp to rid it of product build up. Then, a slight massage again, and a rinse. Make sure you rinse it out completely. Follow with your shampoo and conditioner. Game changer.
        2. deep cleaning shampoo


          This really cleans my hair and is perfect when used with the kevin murphy restore conditioner. My hair is left clean and soft
        3. Finally got my hands on this beauty!


          I've been eyeing this off for months, my poor hair gets covered with product all week. On a Sunday when I use this, my hair loves me. I use a LUSH conditioner bar on the ends of my hair after I'm finished, but that's just because the wash takes away all the nasties, it does leave your hair feeling a bit coarse.
          It smells like tea tree oil, and your head feels so clean! Like that feeling after a hairdresser gets to it.
        4. Great for removing product, but not a regular shampoo


          I have fine hair and so this is good for removing product build-up at the roots. However, it can't be used as a regular shampoo which I thought you could as it would be too harsh (well, for my fine hair). I would recommend once a week, then use your normal shampoo the rest of the time.
        5. Wow


          I have used this ONCE and I have already noticed a huge difference. I have an irritated and congested scalp, which gets flakes and sore. After washing my hair with this, a couple of stubborn patches of irritation have come away. My hair feels lighter and less ' gritty' too.
          I used this on long fine highlighted hair with tape extensions which are dry and coarser than my natural hair. I also recommend that you use a moisturising conditioner with this unless you have quite oily hair. I used hydrate.me rinse, followed by young. Again treatment oil and it worked beautifully. Win ☺️
        6. Best For Short Hair


          It does take away all the build up of product in your hair but if you don't have an extremely moisturising conditioner to use afterwards you will be in trouble. Your hair feels so dry after using and a lot of product only goes a little way. Probably best suited to short hair or mens hair.
        7. Anonymous

          My husband has just discovered this and with his oily scalp it keeps his hair clean and non greasy all day. He now loves this more that his favourite daily shampoo by American Crew.
        8. Anonymous

          Great for removing product build up. Leaves hair lovely and clean but not stripped. Smells great too.
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