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Velour Lashes Adhesive - White Latex FreeVelour Lashes Adhesive - White Latex Free
Velour Lashes
Velour Lashes Adhesive - White Latex Free

My Favourite Lash Glue

I really, really love this glue. The packaging for this is perfect, it doesn't get messy like duo lash glues do and because the packaging is so tight it doesn't dry out like duo does, the amount of tubes of duo lash glue i've had to throw out because they dried out before I could finish them, urgh.

Another great thing about the packaging is you get the right amount every single time because of the brush tip. Also, the tube just feels really nice to hold.

The glue itself is fantastic, I find that I don't need to wait for the glue to get tacky, I can just brush it onto the lash band and straight away apply to my eyes. I highly recommend this glue
MODELROCK Signature Lashes - GoddessMODELROCK Signature Lashes - Goddess
MODELROCK Signature Lashes - Goddess


These are glam and effective and still a bit wispy! Really happy with these :)

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