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Since 1885, Mason Pearson has been making high-quality hairbrushes that are preferred by stylists and recommended by beauty editors.

Mason Pearson, founder–engineer–inventor, moved from Yorkshire, Northern England to London in the mid-1860s to work at British Steam Brush Works, a manufacturer of small, general handmade brushes. Based in London’s East End, British Steam Brush Works later became known as 'Raper, Pearson, and Gill'.

In 1885, Mason Pearson invented an automatic brush-boring machine to speed up the brush-making process, and he won a silver medal at the International Inventions Exhibition in London. That same year, Pearson went on to invent the pneumatic rubber-cushion hairbrush. He continued to improve the production technique — much of which was done by hand — for this brush until 1905. Pearson's widow continued the business on her own for another 20 years, until the next generation was ready to take its part.

Eventually, management decided to concentrate on Mason Pearson's rubber-cushion hairbrush. Today's product design is similar to the original 1885 model, with the improvements of the fully developed models of the early 1920s. The basic product has not changed, and some of the model names persist: Large Extra, Small Extra, Popular, and Junior.

Like no other brushes on the market, Mason Pearson hairbrushes actually improve the hair’s condition and natural sheen. The bristles massage and stimulate the scalp and flex with the cushion to distribute hair's natural oils. The more you brush, the more you move these oils along the hair strands. This is particularly important for preventing dry ends on fine or long hair.

Put simply, a Mason Pearson is a brush that will help improve and maintain the hair’s condition for life.

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Mason Pearson Pocket Comb 5.5 inches C5Mason Pearson Pocket Comb 5.5 inches C5
Mason Pearson
Mason Pearson Pocket Comb 5.5 inches C5

Seriously small

I love Mason Pearson as a brand but this comb is seriously small. It not just small length wise but also the depth of the comb. If your after a true 'pocket' comb then this is for you otherwise check out their other combs.
Mason Pearson Styling Comb 6 inches C4Mason Pearson Styling Comb 6 inches C4
Mason Pearson
Mason Pearson Styling Comb 6 inches C4


This is the perfect size comb. Goods quality, strong and a great size. I've had other Mason Pearson comb's before and although I found the quality great the size was never quite right. If you only intend to have one comb then this is the one!
Mason Pearson Pocket Comb 5.5 inches C5Mason Pearson Pocket Comb 5.5 inches C5
Mason Pearson
Mason Pearson Pocket Comb 5.5 inches C5

Tiny Delight

I bought this for precision parting and fine teasing.
I never got around to actually acquiring these styling skills BUT I ADORE this little comb! It is a designer hair item that makes me happy every time I look at it and hold it. This Mason Pearson comb is strong, cute and traditionally stylish.
I occasionally use this on my eyebrows - No teasing just taming.
That's about all I use it for for now.
This comb will last forever which may be just long enough for me to acquire some hair styling skills.

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