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He’s created cult products beloved by millions, become a regular backstage at fashion weeks around the world, netted countless awards and passed on his signature techniques to scores of students. But fulfilment for Napoleon Perdis comes not from the accolades, but from his ability to make his cosmetics accessible to everyone.

Since founding his eponymous brand more than 20 years ago, Napoleon has continued to innovate with products and a luxury experience which has never lost sight of his main focus - the customer.Whether providing a high-tech twist on ancient beauty secrets such as Donkey Milk in his Hydrating Milk Cleanser, Snail Mucus in his skin repairing BBB Cream ,or unlocking the beauty therapy of the lotus blossom in his Rebirth of Venus Cleansing Oil, Napoleon delivers innovation customers can see and feel.With his focus on education at the forefront of his brand, Napoleon includes tips and tricks on products gleaned from his extensive world travels that aim to empower women and embrace their inner beauty, no matter their age, race or ethnicity.

“Female empowerment is the beating heart of Napoleon Perdis. We don’t have customers, we have partners; we collaborate on the quest to achieve their dreams. We see the individual – not the crowd – and we’re working with every single soul to embrace their goals and aspirations. For us there are no barriers, just the individual that gazes into the mirror and the empress that looks back. We’re here to ensure that happiness, strength and control are always in our customer’s hands”.

Translating the relationship between beauty and art, translation to Napoleon Perdis is more than just feeling from one moment to another. In a society saturated by reality television and celebrities, Napoleon Perdis is about inspiring individuals to be, and remain in control and take the time to redefine themselves. It’s the experience of being able to translate into tranquillity and translate into a time of oasis. A time that is yours and solely yours.

With 85 concept stores, over 100 departments store counters, and over 750 independent stockists, Australia’s leading makeup brand, Napoleon Perdis is the epitome of luxury, education and glamour.


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Napoleon Perdis The One Concealer LightNapoleon Perdis The One Concealer Light
Napoleon Perdis
Napoleon Perdis The One Concealer Light


I like the coverage and it doesn't flare up my sensitive eyes... but i just wish it came in a wand container. The little jar is cute but can be a bit tedious if you have long nails.
Napoleon Perdis Auto Pilot Hydrating Milk CleanserNapoleon Perdis Auto Pilot Hydrating Milk Cleanser
Napoleon Perdis
Napoleon Perdis Auto Pilot Hydrating Milk Cleanser


This cleanser is beautiful. It is creamy and luxurious and best of all it removes makeup and leaves your skin feeling amazing! This is the only cleanser I will be purchasing from now on. ❤️
Napoleon Perdis Stroke of Genius: Liquid Cashmere Foundation SPF20 Napoleon Perdis Stroke of Genius: Liquid Cashmere Foundation SPF20
Napoleon Perdis
Napoleon Perdis Stroke of Genius: Liquid Cashmere Foundation SPF20

Reliable daily

I’ve used this product for the last 3 years now.. I use it as my daily foundation, it lasts all day and looks as good after work than how it was in the morning! Can’t fault it!
Napoleon Perdis Matte It! Lip GlossNapoleon Perdis Matte It! Lip Gloss
Napoleon Perdis
Napoleon Perdis Matte It! Lip Gloss

Surprisingly awesome

I bought this in the coral shade as I wanted a nice sheer gloss for summer. It is anything but a sheer lip gloss, but I love it anyway.

The pigment is really, really bright, and it stayed on all day at work with no need to reapply after eating or drinking. The coral shade is gorgeous - I have light skin and brunette colouring, but I feel like this would suit a lot of skin and hair colours.

The texture is not quite like anything else I own. It applies on creamy and moist, but wears matte without drying my lips at all. It's really comfortable to wear, unlike the other matte lipsticks I have tried.

My only complaint is that there are only two shades. I feel like this would be lovely in pale pinky shades as well as the bright shades.

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