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Payot Paris is a skincare range developed through a synergy of holistic and dermatological approaches. With a commitment to effectiveness, skin tolerance, and sensory pleasures at its core, Payot is a brand that has stood the test of time because of its rigorous standards, innovation, and boldness.

In 1913, Nadia Payot became one of the first female physicians. Dr Payot had a spirited desire to put her skills to the test and work for women's physical and emotional health. She called on her medical, herbal, and scientific backgrounds to create her skincare products. From this research and experimentation, she developed a formulation that would make Payot an internationally recognised brand.

As the 20th century began to come into its own, the cosmetics industry entered its renaissance, and Payot continued to receive international acclaim. In 1937, Payot opened a spa in France, and the brand soon became a favourite of aestheticians and their clients.

Today, the scientists at Payot laboratories in Paris continue to research skincare and the science of cell renewal. All of the brand's products are clinically tested to evaluate client satisfaction. Payot skincare products contain either natural or biotechnologically formulated ingredients that have been carefully selected for gentleness and effectiveness.

From its timeless and contemporary package designs to its acceptance at luxury spas, perfumeries, retailers, beauty institutes, and pharmacies, Payot continues to draw on its 100 years of expertise to bring women the best in skincare.

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Payot My Payot Jour Day Care Cream
Payot My Payot Jour Day Care Cream


I love this moisturiser, its has a really lovely scent and the texture is so silky land soft. Perfect for the day as it suggests, goes on really well and seeps into the skin instantly which I love.
Payot Pate Grise
Payot Pate Grise

Worked great for me

I have read reviews online that for some people this product works wonders and not so much for others. I am happy I decided to purchase and try it for myself. The first night I used this product I woke up and my blemishes/pimples were minimised or gone - I have mild acne around my t zone, nothing major however, I was so thrilled looking forward to using it over time.
Payot Huile Fondante Démaquillante Milky Cleansing Oil
Payot Huile Fondante Démaquillante Milky Cleansing Oil

Delicious ♥♥♥

This product is my new favorite.
I have been suffering with hormonal acne for almost 2 years now, but since I started using this my skin has been clearing up considerably.
I use 2 pumps massage it into dry skin, then use a little water to turn it into a milky wash. It washes off all my make up, leaves my skin clear, soft as silk and it smells OH SO DIVINE!!!
OH, my Gosh- will ...

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