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Since 1862, Riffi has built a stellar reputation on its quality massage and beauty products. Riffi's impressive range is designed to gently exfoliate, increase circulation, diminish the appearance of cellulite, and revitalise skin. There is a Riffi product for almost every skincare need.

Riffi's signature line features its classic mitts and straps, which are made from a hygienic and hypoallergenic fibre that is gentle on your skin. These beauty tools massage and aid in pore cleansing to leave skin feeling smooth and soft.

For the same exfoliation benefits in a softer product, the cotton range from Riffi is a great choice. This line offers the best Riffi hygienic properties but uses 85% natural cotton fibres for a soft feel.

Want a more invigorating massage? Look no further than the sisal range. Sisal fibres are extracted from the agave plant. The natural sisal brush is an ideal product for a dry-brush massage. Riffi also offers an aloe-infused sisal massage glove for massage plus moisture.

For a traditional massager and scrubber, the loofah remains a classic. The loofah is a natural gourd sponge that is hard and scratchy when dry but turns soft when immersed in water. It is one of the oldest known massage products. Riffi loofah products are additive-free to remain eco-friendly and are neutral to the skin.

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