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Tan-Luxe The GradualTan-Luxe The Gradual
Tan-Luxe The Gradual

I Stan This Tan

I bought this product after seeing it on the Adore Beauty instagram. I've been using Bondi Sands religiously over the years, and really sceptical of new tanning products after an unfortunate oompah loompah event. I thought it was time to switch it up, and spoil myself.
I first noticed the consistency of the product. It wasn't purely cream based like a lot of gradual tanners, but includes oils. It makes your skin feel so incredibly soft and hydrated, to the stage where I couldn't stop feeling my arms and legs, and would ask anyone within a 5 mile radius of me to do the same. They all agreed, that I was really weird. BUT soft
I had a few problems with streaking, but I put that down to user error and a rush job. Make sure you exfoliate, and moisturise elbows, ankles, and any other wobbly bits that get in the way of a perfect complexion. The colour was fantastic, and I only needed one application to achieve the desired result. It lasted around a week, and I used the ModelCo tan removal soap to get rid of any stubborn bits to start a new application.
I think it's something that will really grow on me, but it is a little stubborn when it clings to areas (particularly hands/fingers. No one likes an orange digit).
Loving Tan Bronze Shimmer - Ultra Dark Loving Tan Bronze Shimmer - Ultra Dark
Loving Tan
Loving Tan Bronze Shimmer - Ultra Dark

Gives a nice deep glow

I really like this to top off a tan or just to give my skin some colour when I feel a little dull. Has a nice shimmer to it without feeling like you've put anything on your skin.
Tan-Luxe The GradualTan-Luxe The Gradual
Tan-Luxe The Gradual

I’m not in love

After reading an article about how great this tanning product was, I had to try it.
Pros: it’s a milky like consistency that absorbs quickly into the skin without it being too oily, I am very fair and one application is the perfect colour without the need of going to get a spray tan, the colour is a lovely bronze colour without it being too yellow or orange on my pink tinged pale skin, a little goes a long way
Cons: I still think it smells! (Particularly the next day), it’s pricey
The pros outweigh the cons but I don’t get the hype. It definitely beats the drugstore gradual tanners out there but I would like to try the other products to see if it’s just this consistency that I don’t like. Tip: make sure you wash your hands after applying as like other tanners this will stain!