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Wrinkles Schminkles Chest Smoothing KitWrinkles Schminkles Chest Smoothing Kit
Wrinkles Schminkles
Wrinkles Schminkles Chest Smoothing Kit

Makes a Difference

I recently was watching an episode of Khloe Kardashian's Revenge Body where she mentioned that J Lo sleeps surrounded by pillows to stop herself rolling onto her side and developing chest/neck wrinkles.

Unfortunately for me, I live in the real world where sometimes it's 35° overnight in my upstairs, non air conditioned bedroom and doing this is impossible. I've recently turned 28 and am starting to notice wrinkles on my chest from adopting the ~very~ comfortable foetal position when I sleep. I decided to give this product a chance and, granted, I've only used it one night but the difference I noticed was HUGE!

Usually when I wake up after 8 hours of spooning my pillow, I have red, angry looking lines on my chest. After last night however, I woke up, peeled off my silicon patch (which was surprisingly comfortable to sleep in) and my skin was totally unmarked! No lines whatsoever. I'm very impressed and will buy this product again.
Face Inc 40 Winks Sheet Mask - Anti AgeingFace Inc 40 Winks Sheet Mask - Anti Ageing
nails inc.
Face Inc 40 Winks Sheet Mask - Anti Ageing

i don't know if it's anti ageing but its a great sheet mask

Left my skin brighter and hydrated, i don't think it' anti ageng but its a really nice hydrating sheet mask