Toni Maticevski, one of Australia’s most cutting-edge designers, brings his keen eye for unique, flattering silhouettes and brash dichotomy in materials and styles to the world of fragrance.


The scents in this collection are unique and multi-layered, accenting the Maticevski ready-to-wear collection beautifully by providing a fragrance component to each look that’s as complex and surprising as each piece.


The Limited Edition Maticevski April 14th candle brings Maticevski’s designs to life a whole new form, elegantly layering light, airy notes with deep, earthy bases. The April 14th fragrance blends top notes of lemon and rose leaf, giving the fragrance an immediately uplifting kick on the nose. Jasmine and lily come in as mid notes, adding a bit of sultry floral to the scent. Lush base notes of patchouli, cashmere musk, vetiver and moss ground this fragrance in an earthy, warm aroma, giving the whole experience a cozy, calming finish.


The attention to detail in each layer of the April 14th fragrance reflects the beauty of combining elements that seem like they may not initially fit together, just as each of Maticevski’s designs does. Lemon and moss seem like unlikely companions until you place each one in exactly the right concentration, mirroring the delicacy of silk and the harsh lines and straps used in Maticevski’s collection.


So bring the delicacy and boldness of this high fashion line to your home with a Maticevski fragrance. You may not be decked head to toe in runway fashions- but you can seize some of the luxury by filling your home with a scent that brings refinery to any room.

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